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Product Implementation and Integration

Whether clients want TM Floyd & Company (TMF) to adapt a vendor's system into the client's business processes or develop a custom solution to improve upon an existing process, TMF has the expertise to design new system components and integrate heterogeneous components to improve the overall system performance.


TMF consultants have experience implementing a variety of system packages. Our consultants have worked on implementations of some of the leading software vendors in the insurance industry and with some niche software vendors as well.

Implementing client needs

TMF consultants work closely with clients to develop a detailed set of requirements and to compile those requirements into a feasible system specification. During the system development, our consultants will customize the system to align the system with business processes. Add-ons can be developed to further enhance the utility of the system.

Interface design and development

The utility of a system is dependent upon intuitive system interfaces that enable end users to perform more efficiently. TMF consultants can design and develop interfaces that streamline business processes by bringing more data into each interface screen and by automating some processing steps.

Testing and quality assurance

TMF consultants can design and execute test scripts to ensure that the actual performance of the implemented system meets the system's expected performance. Test scripts are written to test for the proper adherence to the system requirements.

Roll-out methodology

TMF's roll-out methodology is designed to minimize the disruption to the client's business and to drive rapid adoption of the new product by the end users.

Knowledge of complexities

TMF's subject matter experts have, on average, several years of experience working with insurance industry clients. Before commencing an engagement, they already understand the demands faced by the insurance industry and can hit the ground running with a product implementation and integration.