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Business and IT Process Optimization

Whether IT services are provided by an external party or managed as a core part of the organization, payers in the insurance industry often experience a disconnect between IT and business. The short-term development needs of the business units can result in poorly integrated systems and redundant processes. TM Floyd & Company (TMF) executive consultants have extensive experience in business process reengineering to remediate these issues.

Workflow Mapping, Analysis, and Process Improvements

The first steps in any remediation work is capturing and analyzing the current state of an organizations technology and the business processes in place to take advantage of the technology. TMF executive consultants can map out these business processes to develop a clear picture of the organization's workflows and then analyze the results to identify process improvement opportunities.

IT and Business Convergence Approaches

TMF executive consultants have the technical and industry expertise needed to amalgamate IT capabilities and business needs. Working with IT and business units, TMF can develop a cohesive strategy for enhancing the best qualities of both sides of the organization.

Workflow and Automated System Integration

TMF executive consultants can implement redesigned workflows to increase system automation and drive better business results. TMF's integration approach focuses on meeting business needs first. Technology is the enabler.

Analysis and Redesign of Software Engineering Processes and Controls

Fixing problems is not enough to drive long-term growth. TMF executive consultants will analyze and redesign software engineering processes and controls to ensure that IT and business units continue to perform cohesively.