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Regulation Implementation and Compliance

TM Floyd & Company’s (TMF) experience in serving the nation's largest claims processing organization provides a strong base for offering HIPAA and NPI services. That, plus extensive experience in managing large projects, gives us expertise in:

TMF recommendations focus on options for bridging compliance gaps, renovation versus replacement considerations, and impact to healthcare providers, recipients, any additional entities the client interfaces with, and all trading partners. This analysis considers the costs of resources and remediation options and identifies project risks and other items that may affect the total cost of remediation.

Following client acceptance of the analysis, TMF develops a detailed project plan. Upon the plan’s acceptance, we provide a strategy for HIPAA compliance that addresses each of the recommended compliance solutions and clearly outlines strategic priorities. The strategy document takes into account the recommendations made by the Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP) for coordinating HIPAA implementation across trading partners. The strategy document also includes a risk assessment of proposed strategies in order of severity and probability. A risk-management plan addresses each risk and provides a description of impact, method of control, and risk triggers.

Custom Software Solutions

For clients electing to replace rather than remediate existing systems, TMF can implement HIPAA-compliant systems based upon software products available through our business partners. These products include practice management and electronic medical record management systems.

Translation Software & Services

Translator modifications that providers and payers installed to comply with the HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets requirements will need review and possible adjustments to accommodate the NPI. A possible solution is to translate an incoming NPI into a legacy provider identifier for internal processing purposes and then de-translate it from the legacy provider identifier into the NPI when exchanging HIPAA transactions with a trading partner.

Clearinghouse Services

Clearinghouse services may be considered to support NPI–to-legacy provider identifier translation. If so, TMF analysis can determine if such a solution permits NPI compliance for clients. We maintain a close relationship with partners who offer translation services.

Privacy & Security Policy Development Services

Backed by a complement of healthcare systems experts, TMF’s staff and partners will assess your organization’s healthcare IT security structure and management to enable you to comply with multiple regulatory agencies while furthering your company’s mission.