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Optimal Shoring Solution

TM Floyd & Company (TMF) offers clients its Optimal Shoring Solution℠ to select and deliver the best solution to fit their needs. TMF adds value by evaluating the needs of its clients and choosing the location that best combines high concentrations of needed skill sets, a low wage structure, minimized risk factors, and a close proximity to existing resources. With its Optimal Shoring Solution℠, TMF can deliver a cost-effective and world class outsourcing solution to its clients.

Rating Process

TMF uses a proprietary rating process to determine the optimal location for resources as part of its Optimal Shoring Solution℠. Although we do not disclose the exact criteria and weights used in our rating process, our process involves balancing resources, costs, and risks to narrow the selection of potential locations in order to deliver the right solution for each client.

Service Offerings

Most of TMF’s service offerings, including the Service Center Solution, Mainframe Rejuvenation℠, Data Mining & Report Design, and Business Process Outsourcing, can be supported through the Optimal Shoring Solution℠. TMF will help clients can take advantage of its Optimal Shoring Solution℠ by customizing its service offerings to the needs of the clients.

Domestic Management

Executive management of the Optimal Shoring Solution℠ will be conducted from TMF’s global headquarters in South Carolina. The domestic location of our executive management staff is convenient for our clients and contributes to the security of our clients’ investments.

Daily operations of the remote location will be conducted at the remote location; however, TMF will maintain a frequent training rotation to ensure that the remote sites blend in TMF’s corporate identity and know how to keep a strong corporate bond. Foreign managers will be brought to TMF headquarters to work during extended training sessions. US managers and subject matter experts will be rotated through the remote sites to support the training of the remote workers and to ensure that everyone truly understands our clients’ needs. The frequency and duration of training rotations will vary depending on the visa restrictions of the selected location.

Subject Matter Expertise

Although much of the heavy lifting for the client will be done by a remote team of analysts and programmers, TMF will maintain a presence onsite with the client. Communication with the client will mostly be face-to-face with subject matter experts.

Significant subject matter expertise is one of competitive advantages of the TMF solution over other offshoring alternatives. TMF has operated in the insurance services sector for more than 30 years, and it has amassed more than 1,250 years and 2.5 million hours of experience working directly with health insurance carriers. TMF has a staff of Executive Consultants providing strategic solutions to the insurance industry.

With its Optimal Shoring Solution℠, TMF couples its subject matter experts with an offshore component to deliver value to clients. These subject matter experts will communicate the client’s needs to the offshore team to ensure the client receives a technological solution driven by its business needs.