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Full Product Lifecycle Support

TM Floyd & Company's (TMF) full product lifecycle support encompasses more than just the design through implementation stages. TMF can ensure that client needs are truly met by analyzing at the entirety of the system with the TMF Software Engineering Process Redesign.

System enhancements and upgrades

TMF consultants will work with a client to determine its product needs and compare those to existing system support. Based on this gap analysis, TMF consultants will recommend enhancements and upgrades to bring system functionality up to the level needed by the client.

Development of new products

For specific client needs not met by products available in the marketplace, TMF consultants will engage in the development of new products. Custom product development can create a competitive advantage for the client.

Production and system conversion support

TMF consultants work with clients to keep their existing systems functioning until the new product development is complete. Then, our consultants will support the system conversion to ensure a successful transition. These processes include providing system maintenance, conducting full testing and quality assurance activities, working to gain user acceptance, and establishing guidelines for version control and roll-out of support software.