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Software Design and Rationalization

TMF provides clients with consultants with the industry-specific subject matter knowledge needed to drive the success of software design and rationalization efforts.

Requirements gathering

TMF consultants work closely with clients to define a detailed set of requirements for the software. TMF consultants are methodical in matching the described software package with the business processes of the clients.

Approaches and estimation

There are many ways to develop an effective software solution. TMF consultants will work with a client to plan the software solution that is most effective for the client, taking into account cost concerns.


TMF consultants will turn the requirements into a detailed specification from which the software will be designed and built.

Software development

TMF consultants employ well established software development lifecycle methodologies in designing and rationalizing software packages for clients. Our consultants will work with clients to establish a development plan that suits the clients' needs.

Quality assurance and testing

TMF consultants can ensure the adherence of the implemented software solution to the anticipated performance.

Document management

Any code developed will be well documented so that future modifications to the software are easier.

Expertise with new and legacy environments

TMF's success with software development hinges on its ability to understand client needs. Because TMF consultants have insurance industry experience, they are able to develop more efficiently and to better adhere to client goals.