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Service Center Resourcing

Service Center Resourcing

Staffing Model - Service Center teams will typically be composed of six members that include a team lead, an expert, and four junior/intermediate level team members. The lead and expert will support the team on technical and subject matter issues and will be supplemented by the Development Support team. Each team is an individual unit within the Service Center that primarily focuses on one major system or subsystem. This functional focus will bring the following benefits to the client:

Additional teams will be created by seeding them with two senior members ready to act in lead and expert roles. Sufficient junior and intermediate level resources will be added by hiring or transfer to complete the mix.

Training - As new resources are brought into teams, training becomes critical. Potential training includes:

Client Mentors - Initially, TMF anticipates each team will have a corresponding principal contact within the client, who will serve as a mentor to the team lead and be available to other team members when necessary. As the team gains more experience over time, TMF anticipates its team leads and subject matter experts can serve as mentors to newly-hired team members.