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Strategic Planning

For strategic planning engagements, TMF executive consultants provide guidance in the following areas:

IT Strategy Assessments and Business Alignment

A good strategic plan is only effective if the company has the business attributes to execute it. TMF executive consultants are experienced at evaluating whether or not a client's strategic direction is aligned with its business capabilities.

IT Strategic Plan Development and Governance

Developing an effective strategic IT plan, properly aligned with the client's business capabilities, and establishing a governance structure to control the plan's execution are necessary for driving long-term success in the insurance industry. TMF executive consultants have the experience needed to ensure the effectiveness of the plan's development and implementation.

Legacy Modernization Planning

TMF has lived and grown with legacy systems throughout its history. We understand that legacy systems form the core of many clients' insurance operations. TMF executive consultants can assess and outline a modernization roadmap, ensuring that any transition to a new system is well thought out and that the conversion path is well paved.

Migration Techniques, Gap Analyses, Roadmaps, and Estimating Services

Think of these tools as the paving materials for the conversion path. Success or failure depends on proper planning of a system conversion. With its proprietary migration techniques, gap analyses, roadmaps, and estimating services, TMF executive consultants provide the tools clients must have.

Sourcing Strategies

The constantly increasing sophistication of system and application development and support over the last 30 years has resulted in a broad spectrum of sourcing solutions to satisfy the IT needs of every organization. Because of the abundance of options, experienced guidance in necessary. TMF executive consultants know the options and can work with and organization to develop the sourcing strategy that best fits the organization's needs.

Risk Assessments

TMF consultants provide assessments of regulatory, security, and other system risks, including specialized risk assessments and plans, risk management and mitigation practices, impact analyses for systems and new program rollout, business continuity assessments and planning, and statutory and regulatory compliance assessments.