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Virtual Management

Virtual Management is TMF's method for providing experienced consultants to fill critical roles for a client undergoing a system transformation.

Interim/Virtual IT Executive Management

Experience is most valuable during times of change. During those times of change, TMF executive consultants can provide deep domain and industry knowledge while filling IT Executive Management roles for clients.

Specialty Start-Up Management Skills

The skills an organization needs to ensure continued success and drive growth are not necessarily the same as those needed for launching new initiatives. For clients missing the some of those skills or simply lacking sufficient resources to undertake a new initiative while continuing existing operations, TMF executive consultants can establish the management practices needed to ensure a successful start-up, including strategic planning, enterprise architecture, and PMO.

Triage Management - Project Recovery

Sometime well thought out project plans can go awry. When projects do fail to deliver, TMF executive consultants can be enlisted to minimize the damage and get the project back on course.

IT Executive Mentoring

When the time comes to transition management back to the client, TMF executive consultants can provide executive mentoring to ensure that a successful implementation leads to success in continuing operations.