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Vendor on Premises

TM Floyd & Company (TMF) offers a robust alternative to a vendor management system (VMS) for the IT consultant needs of clients in the health insurance industry. TMF’s vendor on premises (VOP) program combines the reduced rate benefits of a VMS with a complete delivery process to ensure the continual placement and management of excellent IT consultants. TMF’s VOP program will reduce costs by containing rate increases, provide access to a sufficient pool of IT resources, reduce hiring mistakes, deliver continuity of service with reduced retraining costs, and provide the reporting tools needed to make objective decisions on the direction of the program.


With more than 30 years of experience in placing IT consultants, TMF has developed a refined recruiting process to identify promising candidates. Its experience in the health and property and casualty insurance industries makes TMF uniquely qualified to taking control of an insurer’s contract consulting functions.

For difficult-to-source candidates and to reduce delivery times, TMF will enlist associate vendors to support TMF’s sourcing efforts. TMF will ensure that vendors comply with TMF’s thorough candidate screening process as outlined below.


All precautions will be taken to ensure each contractor is technically capable and has a sound background before entering the client’s workplace.

Candidates will be subjected to a technical screening process to test their capabilities. TMF employs nationally regarded testing entities to evaluate each candidate’s competency in required and preferred languages. TMF will interview candidates to subjectively assess the candidates and to ensure the quality of resources delivered to the client.

Before a selected contractor begins work with the client, TMF will conduct a drug test, credit check, and criminal investigation for the contractor at no additional cost to the client.


TMF will be responsible for managing contractors. The client will benefit from a clear separation of supervisory functions, which cloud the line between contract consulting and full time employment. At no additional cost to the client beyond the allocation of an appropriate workspace, TMF's support will include ensuring completion of the screening process described above, negotiating contract terms and rates with contractors, participating in the hiring process, recognizing emerging situations and conferring with management and consultants to minimize disruptions, and remarketing contractors whose assignments are ending to other positions with the client.

TMF will also manage the associate vendors, including providing training, auditing, and contract negotiating services.


TMF’s reporting capabilities truly distinguish its VOP program from other offerings. TMF will provide comprehensive metric and management reporting tailored to the client’s needs. Reports will include rate and placement data according to position and vendor.