At TM Floyd & Company (TMF), we recruit top IT talent for a variety of positions from workstation support analysts, DevOps engineers, and system programmers to IT project managers, business analysts, and web developers.

To find this talent, TMF, along with many other IT recruiters, uses LinkedIn to source for available IT positions. Our recruiters look at thousands of profiles every month and that means that when you’re on the hunt for a new job, having a detailed and up-to-date LinkedIn profile is a must to get noticed.

Here are five tips to attract IT recruiters to your LinkedIn profile:

1 – Show you are “Open to Work.

Set your LinkedIn profile to “Open to Work.” This feature informs recruiters and your network on LinkedIn that you are open to new job opportunities. This feature is widely used in LinkedIn to help distinguish whether candidates are open to new opportunities or prefer to stay at their current employer. The feature is easy to add and will appear on your LinkedIn profile picture.

2 – List your certifications and technical skills.

Listing your certifications and specific technical skills shows recruiters and employers the relevant technical talents you possess. By doing this, you will appear in more searches and increase your visibility on LinkedIn. 

Jenny Barnes, TMF technical recruiter, often searches for candidates by their tech skills. “I always look for their tech stack in the skills section. This helps ensure I am reaching out about a role they are qualified for/would be interested in,” she said.

Be sure to only list the skills that you are qualified in and have experience using. Skills can also be endorsed by the people in your network. For example, managers, work colleagues, and other professional contacts are great connections to endorse skills. Endorsements add that “sparkle” to your skills as they show you have hands-on experience using those skills. 

3 – Be thorough and detailed in your previous and current job experience.

Keely Clarkson, TMF senior technical recruiter, says she finds it very helpful to see LinkedIn profiles with detailed experience under each job. Each position should include information regarding daily duties and accomplishments. It’s also important to incorporate the value that you added to these companies while working there and your accomplishments. 

Adding industry keywords to the descriptions is a great way to ensure you pop up in more relevant searches. For example, if you were searching for a “business systems analyst” position, you would want to have “business analysis” or “systems analysis” listed in your profile to be sure you are appearing in searches related to that role.

4 – Create a descriptive headline and summary.

The headline feature can be used as another opportunity to highlight your expertise or certifications, rather than just your job title and current employer. Be creative but concise in your headline to grab attention.

The summary, on the other hand, is a great way to showcase your individuality—who you are and what you doin more detail. It is a good place to include not only a summary of your skills and experience, but also a description of what you are looking for. Both your headline and summary are great features to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

5 – Include a profile photo.

Profile photos are a great opportunity to put a face to your name. A professional photo is preferred, and generally universally expected. You want to look friendly and inviting, to encourage recruiters to reach out. 

LinkedIn profiles are a key part of your job search and that means keeping them up to date and detailed for recruiters to see that you are a great fit for their open positions. 

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