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Data Conversion & Migration

Needs change, systems improve, and the competition is always looking to get ahead. TM Floyd & Company (TMF) assists its clients in keeping and integrating the most important part of a legacy system: the data. TMF's data conversion and migration process divides client needs into distinct stages.

Data inventory and rationalization

A data conversion and migration project must begin with an analysis of the client's existing data stores and determining which data stores are important to the client's operations and which are superfluous. TMF consultants are skilled at analyzing and classifying data.

Data mapping and data modeling

Once the data has been identified and classified, TMF consultants will organize the data into structures. This data mapping and data modeling process will facilitate the migration of systems, ensuring that critical data is not lost during the conversion process.

Migrating systems and interfaces

TMF consultants are mindful of the need to continue uninterrupted operations during a migration. The proper mapping of data into organized structures helps to minimize the disruption of critical services.