About TM Floyd & Company

More than 45 years of IT & consulting solutions

The foundation of TM Floyd & Company is rooted in the relationships we’ve cultivated with businesses and organizations from coast to coast over the past four decades.

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How we got here


Terry Floyd establishes TM Floyd & Company (TMF)

With a background in IT systems development, Terry begins providing IT services to the Blues family of health plans. Our success spreads through word of mouth resulting in expanded IT services to other health insurance plans as well as into the property & casualty and manufacturing industries.


TMF expands its IT services and subject matter expertise

Responding to the birth of the internet and Y2K, TMF opens offices in multiple cities. We begin delivering IT services to more clients and industries, including medical practices, government, financial institutions, retail, and utilities. At the same time, we broaden our health plan subject matter expertise through a joint venture with BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.


TMF establishes onshore development centers

Recognizing the globalization of the technology world post-Y2K and the dotcom bubble, TMF opens onshore development centers to provide a domestic alternative to offshore models. We also begin working with clients coast to coast to develop cost-effective and low-risk remote IT delivery options.


TMF adapts to clients’ evolving technology needs

TMF expands its IT services and increases its flexibility to respond to an ever-changing world. Global technology companies engage with us for IT expertise. We develop mentoring academies with clients to address the loss of institutional knowledge resulting from an aging workforce. We form new competencies to enhance clients’ abilities to meet their strategic objectives.


TMF builds on past success as we prepare for the future

Moving forward, TMF will continue to focus on the principles that make us who we are—vision, collaboration, and trust. Our past experiences and rich history have shown that when we strive to help others meet their needs, we end up making a better tomorrow, both for ourselves and our clients. That idea has gotten us to where we are today and will propel us to where we want to go tomorrow and beyond, no matter the challenges we will meet along the way.

Community Involvement

Throughout the year, many of our employees participate in activities to support causes that make a difference.

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TM Floyd & Company CEO John Starmack


Our leadership team works together with each other, our clients, and our staff to achieve both the tangible and intangible results necessary to build a successful tomorrow.


Our people-first mentality has been the foundation of our success. We strive to incorporate integrity, proficiency, and compassion into what we do.

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We aspire every day to be the most trusted IT consulting and contracting firm in the United States.

We do this by treating our customers, consultants, and corporate staff the way we want to be treated.

Reach out, we can help.

If your organization has a tech-based role that needs filling, a plan that needs developing, a technology that needs implementing, or a problem that needs solving, we’d love to hear from you. It’s what we do.