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Legacy Systems Maintenance/Sunsetting

TM Floyd & Company (TMF) consultants have an estimated combined experience of more than 1,250 years and 2.5 million working hours in the insurance industry, and most of that service involves working with mainframe legacy systems.

System inventory and documentation maintenance

A system cannot be maintained or replaced unless the component parts and processes of the system have been clearly defined and documented. The system inventory and documentation provided by TMF consultants can serve as the basis for a long-term maintenance strategy or plan to sunset the legacy system.

Maintenance of mainframe or other legacy systems

Maintenance costs tend to rise as a system ages. TMF can help control those costs by providing experienced consultants skilled in the maintenance of legacy systems. Many of our consultants have more than 20 years of experience working with legacy systems.

Legacy integration projects

TMF consultants have extensive experience developing interfaces and subsystems to enhance the productivity of legacy systems. By developing web-enabled front-ends to mainframe systems and aggregating data into common interfaces to help automate routine tasks, TMF consultants are able to boost business productivity without disrupting the legacy system. TMF consultants can help deliver newer technologies and integrate tools for use in a health plan’s business units without having to resort to expensive and intrusive reprogramming efforts.

Extended teams for sunsetting

TMF consultants can provide the additional resources needed to maintain a client's legacy system during the conversion period to a new system. With TMF resources, a client can deliver continuous service during an otherwise difficult transition period.