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Project Management

From managing smaller scale implementations to wide sweeping system conversions, TMF delivers project management needs to clients, including:

Project managers with proven experience

TMF's project managers typically have several years of project management experience, including experience working in the insurance industry. It is this experience that drives the success of projects and enables TMF project managers to avoid costly course corrections and rework.

Cadre of project management best practices

Again, experience is key. Through our insurance industry focus, TMF has developed project management best practices that are geared toward the clients we serve. Our project management best practices enable our project manager to deliver value to clients.

Adaptability to client methodologies

Although TMF project managers will typically have a thorough understanding of the client's industry, they understand that success depends on completing a project with deliverables that fit in and complement the business practices of the client. To accomplish this, our project managers will adapt to client methodologies.

Attention to project quality, timeliness, and costs

TMF project managers are dedicated to producing high quality project deliverables in a timely and cost-effective manner. In order to due this, the project managers work closely with clients to define project scope and adhere to proven project management practices.

Remote resource management practices

TMF project managers do not let location impede the projects on which they work. TMF supplies its project managers with the tools needed to manage projects using a variety of service delivery models.