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Thank You Sibela!

Gracias a nuestra profesora de español. Nosotros somos muy felices con nuestras nuevas habilidades de español. Nosotros somos listos tomar en otros restaurantes y no solamente Taco Bell.

Ole! Thank you Sibela!

Los Jaguares Latinos

¡Hola Sibela!
Gracias tanto para tomar el tiempo de enseñarnos español sobre las pasadas 10 semanas. ¡Usted es un maestro asombroso con mucha paciencia!

Espero seguir aprendiendo y utilizar español. ¡Mantengamos en contacto!

Dawn Marshá

Thank you, Sibela, for a very enjoyable experience. It was wonderful to watch you in action after all these years. You’re every bit as good a teacher as I imagined. I’d like you to make me keep it up and I’ll try to talk to you in Spanish at home.

Love, Cheryl/Mom

I really enjoyed Spanish class. You are truly a great educator and you really made the class exciting and fun. Thanks again and adiós.

Ira G. Trotter

Los Perros de Casa Hiperactivos

Thank you for your time. Best class I have been in!

Angie Ellis

¡Muchos gracias! ¡Muy bueno! ¡Buen trabajo! You really have done a great job getting a bunch of working stiffs to let loose, attempt to roll our R's, and do serious damage to the Spanish language. We will do our best to make sure we say "puntos" instead of "putas." That goes double for Ron.

¡Utra vez, gracias! Geoff

Gracias, Sibela. Magnifico! Excelente!



Los Perros del Agua Cubanos

Sibela took me from not understanding a word of Spanish to complete sentences within the first four lessons of our beginner’s course. At the end of a long day at work, Sibela was able to enthuse us with energy and raise our levels of attention beyond what I thought would be possible. She was able to instill really deep learning in a very short time.

She is an extremely talented and engaging teacher, with an incredible ability to motivate her students. We learned more about the language and the culture of Spanish speaking countries than seemed possible in the short beginner’s program we undertook.

David Williams

Muchos gracias por la instrucción, Sibela. ¡Espero te gusta tu baòo por mas aòos!

Gracias por tu ayuda con el español! Tu éres muy buena maestra y me gusta la classe!


Gracias Sibela!