Now that the tassel on your cap has turned from right to left and goodbyes given, it’s time to make that education pay off and start your employment search, if you haven’t already. 

If you are unsure of where—or how—to start you job search, here are four suggestions to get you rolling. 

Take Advantage of Career Services

If you didn’t visit your school’s Career Services department while you were in school, now is the time. They can help you with your resume, LinkedIn page, interviewing skills, and more, which will all help you achieve your post-graduation goals. Just because you graduate doesn’t mean that the school forgets about you.

Get Networking

According to some staffing industry professionals, up to 70% of all jobs are not publicly advertised on job search sites. This statistic makes the importance of connecting (aka networking) with people all that more significant. 

“Finding a job is all about networking,” says Tony Dillon, Director of Internship Programs, Integrated Information Technology at the University of South Carolina. “You have to network to move forward. It is all who you know and who can open a door for you.”

Networking not only allows for a greater range of opportunities within the job market, but it can also help build your professional profile and public presence on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Create Your “Elevator Pitch”

As you start connecting and networking with more people, you’ll want to have a brief summary, aka your very own 30-second elevator pitch, describing what types of jobs you’re looking for, your skills, and your talents. Be concise and have a hook as to what makes you interesting—and hirable.

Join Your School’s Alumni Association

Your school has a contingent of people with whom you have one thing in common regardless of major—your alma mater. Alumni love to reminisce about their time on campus and are looking to get to know fellow alumni. Leverage these connections by joining your school’s respective alumni group, participating in local alumni meetups, and connecting on social media.

Starting your job search can be exciting and challenging. These strategies will help you create a proactive and strategic approach. 

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