Artificial intelligence, machine learning, large language models, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing—chances are you’ve heard one or more of these terms lately. They’re all part of the current rapid rise in the tech world being called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Artificial intelligence (AI) and its surrounding technology is growing by leaps and bounds every day.

If all this talk about AI is something that really excites you and you want to enter this dynamic field, now is the time.

According to, Sharon Gai, an AI thought leader, here are 10 AI roles on the rise:

RoleWhat They Do
1AI and Machine Learning SpecialistsDevelop and fine-tune AI algorithms
2Data Scientists and AnalystsCollect, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data from big data
3Robotics EngineersDesign, maintain, and operate automation and robotics powered by AI
4AI Safety SpecialistsEnsure AI systems operate safely and ethically
5Customer Experience ManagersBlend AI tools (i.e., chatbots) with human touchpoints to enhance customer experience
6AI Ethics Compliance ManagersEnsure that AI applications comply with ethical standards and regulations
7AI-Enhanced Healthcare ProfessionalsIntegrate AI into patient care—from diagnostics to treatment plans (usually medical professionals)
8AI Implementation SpecialistsAssist companies with implementing and adapting to AI technologies
9Education and Training ProfessionalsUpskill existing professionals to work with AI systems
10Content Curators and ManagersManage, curate, and ensure the quality of AI-generated content, including articles, videos, and images

As AI transforms the world in ways we haven’t seen before, it is creating new opportunities in all kinds of industries and professions. And while AI may displace some jobs, it will also create new ones. So, whether you’re an aspiring AI specialist, someone curious about the field, or a seasoned IT professional, consider joining the AI wave and see where it can take you in your career.

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Sharon Gai, AI Thought Leader (on LinkedIn) 

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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