As the job market seems tighter than ever, new college graduates may feel like it is a Sisyphean task, endless and futile, to find a job. However, their alma mater’s Career Center is one resource they can be taking advantage of immediately. 

Career services can play a crucial role in helping new graduates transition from academia to the workforce by providing resources and career coaching as well as helping with developing a career plan and job search skills. “We are here to help support professional development and gain clarity to achieve long term career goals,” says Jennifer Santoro Cleveland, director of The Career Center at The Citadel.

Following these steps will help put you on the right path for successfully utilizing this asset:

  • Make an appointment. This will allow you to have a more in-depth and personalized conversation with a professional who can help you with your career goals and challenges. 
  • Prepare. Before your visit, do some research and reflection on your own. Think about what you want to get out of the visit and come prepared with questions and the resources you need. Bring your resume, cover letter, portfolio, transcripts, or test scores. Also, dress appropriately and be punctual and respectful.
  • Be open-minded. Be willing to explore different options, try new things, and learn from feedback. Don’t limit yourself to one career field or industry, or to one type of job or employer. 
  • Follow up. Review what you learned and what you need to do next. Follow up with your career counselor and any other contacts you made. Thank them for their time and assistance and update them on your progress.
  • Take action. Follow through on the steps and strategies discussed, such as updating your resume, applying for jobs or internships, preparing for interviews, or researching grad schools. Don’t procrastinate or give up. 

One thing that Cleveland wants people to know about Career Centers is that “no matter what, we are there to support that process.”

College career centers are a valuable asset that can help you make the most of your college experience and prepare for your future. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the help and guidance you need.

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