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  1. TMF has been in business since the year of the US bicentennial—1976. Other memorable things that came out in 1976 include the first Apple computer, the 5.25” floppy disk, and HP’s first inkjet printer.

0yI5ieJH7Z5SNXh5Di5YYI O2. Our headquarters is currently located in downtown Columbia with a fantastic birds-eye view of the South Carolina Statehouse and just steps away from Main Street’s restaurants and other venues. This is TMF’s third and most impressive location in Columbia. 

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3. Our CEO is known for speaking in sports analogies—and sports banter is always welcome. Go Team!

4. We have several consultants who have been with us for more than 20 years and a few for more than 30. We love that!

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5. In the early days of recruiting, recruiters used the phone book to find candidates. Who even has a phone book in their home or office these days?

6. Several of our corporate employees have been with TMF for more than 20 years. Our staff is fantastic!

corporate7. Our staff is also multi-talented! We boast a videographer, a podcaster, a bread/sweet roll baker, a cook who makes delicious Southern favorites (pimento cheese spread and cheese grits), and several artists who can draw and paint among our ranks.

8. Some of the earliest jobs we filled were for mainframe programmers and 45 years later would you believe we are still recruiting for those types of roles?

9. Our corporate charity is the American Red Cross. For the past three years, our “unofficial” staff videographer has created entertaining videos to launch our annual campaign. One year was a game show and the next was a movie trailer. Stay tuned for this year’s debut—a series of funny TikTok videos. 

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10. There’s a lot of laughter when we get together whether it’s in person or on our daily video calls. We also love to recount funny stories that have happened to us! Ask us about the kitchen trash can incident, the corn hole toss debacle, or the iced tea mishap. We’ll happily share!

 TM Floyd & Company is a great company to work for! Though we work hard, we also have a lot of fun when we are together! Check out more about our company culture here

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