LinkedIn continues to be a popular tool for job seekers and employers. Currently, there are more than 850 million users in over 200 countries. LinkedIn boasts that there are 58 million companies on LinkedIn and that six people are hired every minute on their site (more LinkedIn statistics).

Most job seekers know it’s important to have a presence on LinkedIn and have set up their profile with the necessary parts—a photo, a descriptive headline, a summary of skills/talents, job experience, etc. With so many users, you may be wondering—How do I make my profile stand out to recruiters? 

Our talented team of recruiters at TM Floyd & Company can help answer that. Between them, they look at hundreds of LinkedIn profiles every week. Here are some of their suggestions:

1. Take advantage of the “Open to Work” feature.

The “Open to Work” feature adds a graphic to your profile picture that can be seen at a glance by recruiters. It’s easy to set up, too. Just go to your profile and click “open to” under your photo and answer a few quick questions.

2. Keep your profile up to date.

Be sure you have your most recent experience and skills on your profile. Also, be as detailed and complete as possible under your job experience and include any technology and programs that you are familiar with. Don’t forget to add dates and location for each job. 

3. Use the “About” section to sell yourself.

This section is important and is a place to highlight your skills, years of experience, industries you’ve worked in, and/or companies you’ve worked for. Also, include the type of job you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to be creative and let your personality come through (while keeping it professional). This section can also be tailored to the type of role you want. 

4. Include any licenses, certifications, and training you’ve obtained.

Don’t forget to add these important qualifications to your profile. They can be added by clicking on the “add profile section” button under your profile picture.

5. Optimize your profile with keywords.

Using keywords—words related to the job you are looking for—throughout your profile (and especially in your summary) will help recruiters find you. Online research can help you find which “key” words to use.

6. Be thorough.

The more detailed you can be, the better. If a recruiter can easily scan your profile and see what skill sets and work experience you have laid out in an organized, complete way, then the more likely you will be noticed. Profiles with less detail are less likely to get contacted. Also, be sure your contact information is up to date and complete so recruiters can easily contact you. 

LinkedIn makes it very easy to set up your profile. Their template steps you through each section, and you can easily go back and edit it anytime you need to. 

Let us help you find your next job. Contact the TMF recruiting team or check out our current job listings.


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