These days the news is flooded with stories and articles about the latest and greatest artificial intelligence (AI) tech tools. As these AI tools are integrated into so many aspects of our lives, why not your job search too?

One of the most popular AI tools right now is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is an AI-driven chatbot designed to answer your questions in a human-like conversational way. And if you’re wondering, yes, a chatbot like ChatGPT can assist you with many aspects of your job search but not all.

Let’s explore the ways ChatGPT can—and cannot—help you in your search and some questions you could ask the chatbot.

Ways ChatGPT Can Help You:

It can give you advice and tips for putting together your resume. 

Try asking ChatGPT: How can I make my resume better? ChatGPT will present you with a breakdown of what to include in your resume section by section.

It can assess your current resume. 

Try asking ChatGPT: Can you review my resume? ChatGPT will ask you to copy and paste in your resume and will then give you feedback and suggestions.

It can produce a cover letter for you.

Try asking ChatGPT: Can you write a cover letter for me for a [type of role]? As you watch, ChatGPT will generate a comprehensive letter with blanks for you to fill in specific information to tailor the letter to the role you are applying to along with your relevant skills and experience.

It can give you interviewing tips.

Try asking ChatGPT: What are some interviewing tips? ChatGPT will quickly list several easy-to-follow tips and give you advice on ways to practice your interviewing skills.

It can provide suggestions on where to network.

Try asking ChatGPT: How do I network for a job? Within seconds, ChatGPT will generate a practical list on where and how to network.

It can research the company you are applying to. 

Try asking ChatGPT: Can you tell me about [company name]? While you can go to Google to search for this information, ChatGPT saves you time by quickly creating a short summary for you.

It can suggest ways to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Try asking ChatGPT: How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile? ChatGPT will provide helpful information and suggestions on what makes a great profile. You could also check out our previous blogs ( 7 Tips for Setting up Your LinkedIn Profile or 5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for IT Professionals) for more advice.

Things ChatGPT Cannot Do for You:

It cannot provide you with a list of current job openings.

ChatGPT does not have access to real-time data or job listings. However, it can give you insight into which industries (for example, healthcare, education, or retail) or which companies are located in an area you may be moving to or currently reside in.

Try asking ChatGPT: What types of jobs and industries are available in [location]?

It cannot edit your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc. for you.

You are responsible for checking your work and fixing any errors/typos/inaccuracies. However, there are many AI editing tools available to check your grammar (check out Grammarly) or to help you with your wording (check out Wordtune).

It cannot tell you about a specific person unless there is public information about them. 

If you type in a name (say, your own), most likely you will get a note like this:

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find any specific information about an individual named Kate Devlin. It’s possible that the person you’re referring to is a private individual or doesn’t have significant public information available.

It cannot search and find information produced after 2021. 

Right now, ChatGPT provides content based on materials produced before September 2021 because the chatbot was trained using data before that cutoff date.

Give ChatGPT a Try

If you want to give ChatGPT a try for yourself, all you need to do is go to OpenAI’s site,, and create an account. There is a simple question and answer format. Just type in your question and watch as it generates an answer for you.

ChatGPT is just one of many innovative AI content generating tools. It is free and easy to use. Keep in mind that if you choose to use a tool like ChatGPT and take advantage of its benefits, you also need to realize its limitations, which can sometimes include misinformation and inaccuracies. 

As a user of this technology, you are still ultimately responsible for any materials you produce—what they look like and what they say—be it your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.

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