As the new year approaches, you may be thinking about a job change or embarking on a new career path. With that in mind, here are five tips to help you prepare. And if you’ve already been searching, these tips will serve as good reminders.

1. Have an up-to-date resume. 

Make sure your resume reflects your current skills, certifications, and most current work experience. Don’t forget to tailor your summary for each job you apply to by including skills and experience related to the role. For more information, read our 9 Easy-to-Follow Resume Tips.

2. Be sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and that it matches your resume.

It’s important that both your resume and LinkedIn profile align and include the same information. Many employers will look at both, so you’ll want both to be in synch with the same pertinent information. For more information, read our 7 Tips for Setting up Your LinkedIn Profile.

3. Manage your brand. 

Your brand is important and is a reflection of you—who you are, your skills, and your experience. Make sure your online image is telling the story you want it to and is conveying your talents and skills. Read more about branding in How to Enhance Your Personal Brand.

4. Make sure your social media posts are appropriate for potential employers to see.

Check that what you’ve shared on social media is the image of you that you want to share. Make sure it’s appropriate and represents your character. Employers will be looking.

5. Only apply once to a job and keep track of where you have applied.

Keep a list of the jobs you’ve applied to. This will make it easier to know who you need to follow up with. Also, if you’re working with a recruiter, let them know if you’ve already applied to or been submitted to the role they’ve called you about. Often if a recruiter submits you to a job you’ve already been submitted to, your application may be rejected.

Bonus tip: Make sure your resume is ATS-friendly. Many companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to upload and store resumes sent in by applicants. An ATS-friendly resume means it is in chronological format, easy to read, doesn’t use tables or images, uses clearly defined sections like “experience,” “skills,” and “education,” and includes keywords that match the skills and responsibilities in the job description. 

Being prepared for your job search means all your job seeking tools are in order and up to date—from your resume to your brand—and ready to go when you need them.

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Image by pch.vector on Freepik