10 AI Jobs on the Rise

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, large language models, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing—chances are you’ve heard one or more of these terms lately. They’re all part of the current rapid rise in the tech world being called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Artificial intelligence (AI) and its surrounding technology is growing by leaps and bounds […]

The Importance of Soft Skills when Job Hunting and in the Workplace

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2022 and has been updated for February 2024. We all know that when it comes to job hunting, we need to be prepared to talk about our experience and our technical skills and qualifications, along with any degree(s), certifications, and special skills sets we offer. These […]

To Accept or Not to Accept a Counteroffer

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You’ve just landed a new job and with offer in hand, you are meeting with your boss to give your notice. And surprise! They spring a counteroffer on you to stay – possibly more money, a promotion, or even a new job title. What should you do? Before you automatically say “yes” to the counteroffer […]

TMF’s Recruiters Help You Take the Next Step

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Our recruiters are a talented bunch. Recently, several members of TMF’s recruiting team achieved AIRS® Certified Technical Recruiter (CTR) certification. This means that our recruiters are even better equipped at helping our clients find the technical talent they need while also helping qualified candidates find their next career opportunity. At TMF, our recruiters work with […]

Can ChatGPT Help You Find a Job?

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These days the news is flooded with stories and articles about the latest and greatest artificial intelligence (AI) tech tools. As these AI tools are integrated into so many aspects of our lives, why not your job search too? One of the most popular AI tools right now is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is an AI-driven […]

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for IT Professionals

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At TM Floyd & Company (TMF), we recruit top IT talent for a variety of positions from workstation support analysts, DevOps engineers, and system programmers to IT project managers, business analysts, and web developers. To find this talent, TMF, along with many other IT recruiters, uses LinkedIn to source for available IT positions. Our recruiters look […]

New Year, New Skills?

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Is this the year you’re going to take that next step and add some new skills to your resume? If you’re looking to update your current skill set or add some new ones to your repertoire, there are plenty of online options and programs to take advantage of. With a bit of research, you can […]

6 Ways to Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn continues to be a popular tool for job seekers and employers. Currently, there are more than 850 million users in over 200 countries. LinkedIn boasts that there are 58 million companies on LinkedIn and that six people are hired every minute on their site (more LinkedIn statistics). Most job seekers know it’s important to […]

What Does it Mean to Work as a Contractor?

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Are you a current job hunter who has come across a job opportunity that looks promising and matches your skills and experience, but then you read that it is a contract role and it makes you wonder—is this the right type of role for me? What is it about contract work that makes you nervous? […]