Why Is It So Hard to Find a Job Right Now?

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This has been an unusual year for employment, to say the least. The United States went from having record low unemployment in February and a roaring economy to a total shut down with 30-40 million people losing their jobs, at least temporarily. We have never had a recession on purpose before, so this has been […]

Perfecting Your IT Resume

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If you are ready to prepare your information technology resume for a job interview, we’ve got some handy tips to help you get started. Writing a resume now requires an understanding of what employers are looking for on resumes today. You want your resume to stand out and set you far above the other candidates. […]

What Jobs Are Available in Health Information Technology?

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We are completely dependent on technology and electronic communications in our healthcare system across the board today. From hospitals to dermatologists, chiropractors, pharmacies, and pediatricians—medical offices use computers and technology to operate. Practically everything is digitized now from patient charts to x-rays and even prescriptions. Medical professionals need hardware, software, networks, cloud computing/cloud storage, IT […]